20 Years goes by very quickly. For the thousands of you from around the world that followed along I want to say thank
you from the bottom of my heart. All things must come to an end and so it is time to close up shop. For what it was
worth, this website was never about me. It was for all of those who wore the green of NYC EMS before the takeover and
mismanagement by FDNY, it was for all those in EMS systems everywhere who do a thankless job every day, in poor
working conditions, for little pay and no recognition because EMS was their passion. It is for you that a website that was
only going to be up for a few weeks in the 1990's was active for over 20 years.

For those who still want to follow along I am now on Twitter and as always I am a thumb in FDNY's eye every single day.
You can find me on Twitter at @NYCEMSwatch

Thank you