The Photo above is of the NYPD raising the Flag at Ground Zero on 9-11.

It's time to break the FDNY 9-11 myth. If you listen to FDNY you would think that on 9-11 the only people who died were
343 Firefighters. What about everyone else? What about EMS? Does anyone outside of EMS know how many EMS
workers died on 9/11? How about the names of all those who died after responding that day?

I guess we can start with names like Ricardo Quinn, Carlos Lillo, Keith Fairben, Yamel Merino, Richard Pearlman, Mario
Santoro, Mark Schwartz, and David Marc Sullins. These people responded on 9-11 and never came home. Then there
are other people like Zhe Zack Zeng a EMT and former member of the Brighton Volunteer Ambulance Corp. He was
working for the Bank of New York but was seen treating people who were injured at Ground Zero. He was killed when the
towers collapsed. Every day the list of EMS workers who get sick and die from 9-11 grows longer.

Anytime you hear or see anything about September 11, 2001 The City of New York, the UFA, the UFOA, and FDNY pull
out all the stops and tell the public and the media how 343 Firefighters were killed on 9-11. The media grabs hold of this
BS like a Pit Bull on a raw steak and runs with it. The truth is there were 340 Firefighters, one priest, two FDNY EMS
Paramedics, and one Fire Patrolman (Keith Roma) killed on 9-11. Now I'm sure you are saying that doesn't add up.
That's 344 people. You are right. This is all part of FDNY's web of lies.

While the priest and the EMS Paramedics are improperly lumped in as Firefighters Fire Patrolman Keith Roma (who
responded to the World Trade Center on 911 with his company and was doing his job when he was killed) is not listed
by FDNY as a member of the department who died in the line of duty on 9-11. He was left out and is not mentioned. I
guess he is the missing man. The other EMS EMT's and Paramedics are basically forgotten outside of the world of EMS.

I hope in the future this will be corrected and that EMS Paramedics Quinn, and Lillo, along with Fire Patrolman Keith
Roma will be listed appropriately. I hope all the other EMS workers who died that day will one day be properly honored
by the City of New York. However I doubt it will happen. The FDNY Press Office likes to keep spinning their lies.

To see a list of fallen EMS workers from 9-11 click here.
Join FDNY EMS? Anyone? Hello?
FDNY said it best "MY OFFICE IS THE STREET". The reason for that is that's where you will be every day until you
retire. Even as you move up in rank you are on the street. This is one small reason that we have a problem with
recruiting people to EMS. FDNY wants its EMS supervisors to be active in patient care. I think it's OK to be active in
patient care as long as you are able. However 25 years is a long time to be on the street.
"Oh boy! I can't wait to ride on a Fire truck!"
The bottom line is that EMS anywhere in the world is a dangerous job. The National EMS Memorial Website has the
names and stories of hundreds of EMS EMT's and Paramedics who have given their lives in the Line of Duty. EMS
workers across the nation are underpaid, over worked, under funded, and for the most part do their jobs unrecognized
by the public we serve. I hope you have learned a few things about EMS while you browsed these pages. It's the worst
job in the world, yet I and so many other EMT's and Paramedics wouldn't trade it for anything. Having a job where you
go out and save lives every day is amazing. EMS is the toughest job you will ever love. If you want to experience life in
you can play our home game. Just print it out and have a blast. On the next page is my rant of the day,
week, or month depending on how I feel and the events that are taking place in EMS at that time. Contact information is
on the last page.
The promotion to Firefighter is another problem. When you allow people who can't pass the regular fire test to get a
free ride through EMS you end up recruiting people like this to EMS.