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Vehicular Crash: Advice to Victims on Chiropractic Care

In a split second a vehicular crash can change our life with unimaginable consequences. Never expected, a wreck can cause permanent bodily injury, stress, and, in some cases, ongoing financial and/or litigation issues.

Government statistics show the amount of vehicular injuries and fatalities are dropping in Canada.

Speed, unsafe road conditions, intoxicated drivers as well distracted driving, have all increased an individual’s chances of being involved in a crash. If you already suffer from an injury or medical condition, you must do your part to ensure it is not aggravated or exacerbated.

If a car accident happens to you, it’s essential to recognize and follow these six tips to keep you safe and your injuries to a minimum. ori

Immediately gauge severity of the situation

The way you react seconds after a crash impacts the situation tremendously. Determine what area you are injured, and if you are in imminent danger in the vehicle. The best course of action is to remain where you are unless your safety, or the safety of someone near you, is threatened.

For example, if the automobile is on fire, or if you are sinking into a lake, rescue yourself as quickly as possible. Otherwise, stay inside your vehicle where it is safe. Do not move if you think you have serious injury. Allow the first responders to treat you as the find necessary.

Check over yourself and others bodily injury’s

How injured do you appear to be? Keep in mind you are not a doctor. So, even if you feel fine, your neck or back could still have been impacted. Even a 10km crash can have an impact on your neck. Identify which areas of your body hurts, and the intensity of the pain. First responders will run you through a series of questions about your injuries. Being able to clearly describe them will help with your immediate treatment. Inform them of other passengers injuries and if anyone has any allergies.

Wait for the authorities to arrive

Stay calm inside your vehicle (unless it is necessary to do otherwise, see above) and wait for the police and ambulance and fire department to arrive. This is especially important if your vehicle has flipped and you are hanging from your seatbelt. Many head and neck injuries result from automobile occupants releasing their seat belts after a crash that has left them upside down. Wait for the emergency responders, to get you out of your compromised vehicle.

Inform the emergency technicians

Once help arrives, it’s vital to explain to them, if you can, the areas of injury. If you have previously suffered from injury or medical condition to your neck, back, or spine, let them know that, too.

This information helps them formulate the form of extraction and emergency treatment that minimizes the chance of creating further harm. Be calm and specific when you relay the information, using simple language and the 1-10 pain scale to describe your level of discomfort.

Visit your chiropractor

If your injuries are deemed minimal and you are released without hospitalization, be happy and grateful that you were not hurt worse! Then, make an appointment with your chiropractor and explain the nature of the wreck.

Chiropractor making adjustments on lady.
After injury Chiropractic treatment will help with recovery.

Certain injuries take a few days to show up, and the crash could have impacted bones, joints, and ligaments that went undiscovered during the initial emergency exam. Ask for a complete examination, and, talk with your chiropractor about any treatment deemed necessary.

Minimize the chances of another automobile accident

While you cannot control being in a wreck, you can take measures to guard against the occurrence, and give yourself a greater chance to avoid injury. Always wear your seatbelt, avoid distracted driving, maintain your vehicle’s brakes and tires, and understand the current traffic laws. Commit to driving at a safe speed depending on the weather conditions, and never, ever drive after drinking alcohol or taking drugs.

Being in an automobile accident can be frightful fraught with panic. We hope it never happens to you. There is increased risk for re-injury to individuals who already deal with medical conditions or bodily injuries from sports, work, or falls.

By staying calm and trying to calm others and following these six tips, you can minimize the chance of being seriously injured in many car wreck situations and return to your normal life quickly, putting this awful incident behind you. One should never feel awkward about seeking treatment after a car accident, and a Chiropractor in Surrey, Dr. Caulfield will be glad to assist with recovery from the smallest fender benders to the largest roll-over collisions.